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Advantages of Cooling Sheets

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Dealing with hormone-related night sweats and hot flashes often requires a nighttime solution. One of the best solutions available that can help reduce overheating is the use of cooling sheets. 
Instead of waking up drenched in sweat, these sheets provide better comfort for a complete night of sleep. Believe it or not, the quality of your bed linens can mean the difference between nightly tossing, turning and wakening from night sweats  or sleeping peacefully, cool as a cucumber.
Getting a good night's sleep is important for your health. Finding the right type of bedding can make a big difference in the quality of sleep you get.
Here are a few key elements that need to be considered. 

  • A high-quality set of cooling sheets will last longer than traditional sheets. 
  • Cooling bed sheets will allow you to turn up the air conditioner at night. 
  • Cooling sheets work by wicking moisture away from your skin making you feel cool and dry.
  • Cooling sheets dry faster, resulting in less time in the dryer.
  • Bed sheets that keep you cool with ample breathability incorporate both cotton and synthetic microfiber. Neither silk nor flannel breathe well.
Materials. Sheets that are especially designed to be cooling sheets use a combination of natural and synthetic materials. The sheets use natural elements for softness and synthetic fibers with wicking properties for coolness. This ensures that sheets that keep you cool are softer and more comfortable without losing their ability to keep the sweat away from the body, reducing that uncomfortable clammy feeling.   
What about weight?  Although sateen and silk sheets are light in weight they tend to be insulating and trap heat because they drape closely to your body. While percale are heavier and crisper, this may be preferable in the summer months as they allow for more circulation. Also, heavy weight sheets are more durable over time.
Thread count considerations. Sheets with a very high thread count don't let air pass very freely, trapping heat underneath. We suggest choosing a set with a 300-400 thread count for the best sheets that stay cool. 

Sheets That Keep You Cool: Recommended by Cool Wicking PJs

Nidraa's cooling sheets use a blend of synthetic and natural fibers to wick away moisture very quickly and cool the skin's temperature. The patented Dri-Release unique fabric feels like crisp cotton, keeping you cool, dry and odor-free . The unique blend of natural and synthetic fibers in Dri-release yarn actually accelerates the water release rate of the fabric.  Fresh Guard treatment embedded in the yarn eliminates odor. Some topically finished performance polyesters lose their ability to wick away moisture with each washing. Nidraa's sheets are made with Dri-release®'s permanent comfort qualities.
Recently, synthetic fibers with both wicking properties and an ultra soft feel have been developed and been well received.  This is what Nidraa uses in their Soft and Cool sheets  for those who prefer very soft sheets.  These feel like very high thread count sheets. All the wicking properties are embedded in these as well.

Outlast cooling sheets utilizes a unique technology that proactively manages the heat and moisture levels over the course of a night's sleep. The Outlast stay cool sheets are designed for both menopausal women and "thermally incompatible" couples. These cooling sheets don't just wick away moisture, but regulates the sleeping environment to alleviate discomfort from temperature spikes. By balancing the skin's temperature it prevents moisture from even making an appearance.