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Chillow Innovative Personal Cooling Device
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 Chillow--Your Personal Cooling Pillow

    There is no other product like the Chillow® Pillow on the market.  Activate it one time and it stays cool!                                      

COOLING PILLOW - According to extensive surveys, approximately 55% of all people testify to flipping  or moving their pillow to try to find a cool spot.  This occurs because pillows are made from materials of foam and fabric that trap heat from the head.  The  Chillow® cooling pillow is the only simple solution on the market.

HEADACHES - With it's large, cool dry surface,  the Chillow® is the answer.  Headache and migraine headache sufferers applaud it as a home remedy for headaches.

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FIBROMYALGIA PAIN, BACK PAIN, CHEMOTHERAPY, RESLESSS LEG SYNDROME -The common gel pack is freezing cold, hard, wet and lumpy.   With it's  memory foam comfort, the Chillow®cools and soothes but contains no gels and is non -toxic. It is wonderful for treating a variety of pain, and the Chillow Plus® has 6 velcro pairs to make it a temporary wrap!

SUNBURN RELIEF, HIGH FEVERS, AND BEE STINGS -Getting fever down, and the heat out of sunburn quickly is important, to say nothing of the pain of a bee sting! The Chillow® is cool at room temperature, but can also be refrigerated briefly for extra cooling power and longer lasting comfort.

SLEEP - 100 million people in the U.S. alone do not sleep well on a regular basis.  TheChillow® device can help relax the nighttime consumer right from the start.  It's cooling and soothing effect seems to slow both the mental and physiological aspects of the body.  Some report a tranquilizing effect.  In a sleep study done in Michigan in 1998, the tests subject using a Chillow® were documented as falling asleep an average of 68% faster.

The Chillow® does get warmer as the night progresses and this is intentional.  Our body falls to sleep faster at cooler temperatures, but in the middle of the night when we are in Rem sleep, the cold can make us restless and disturb our sleep.  The Chillow® is designed to become warmer to provide for more restful sleep during our critical REM sleep cycles. 

Technology - The science behind the Chillow® is a synergy between specialized materials, fluids and laws of thermodynamics that creates a dry, powerless, thermoregulating and memory foam effect.
What is thermoregulating?  It is the ability of an 
organism to keep its body temperature within certain boundaries, even when the surrounding temperature is very different. Wickipedia

While it keeps the user cool, it never makes them cold because it acts as a heat sink and radiator all in one.  This amazing products absorbs heat and then radiates heat away from the user continuously, much like a radiator in an car.  A radiator works to keep a car's 250° engine cool by using water to help dissapate heat to the air.  Hot fluid enters the radiator, loses it's heat and the cooled water travels back through the system to begin the process again.  Likewise, the Chillow® absorbs body heat continually and discharges the absorbed heat back to the environment.  It consistently feels cool as the consumer is always warmer than the product.  Unlike most other cooling products the Chillow® is soothing - not overly cold, wet, sweat prone or uncomfortable.

BUYER BEWARE - The Chillow® products are manufactured in the USA in a medical grade ISO compliant facility of medical grade materials.  It is non -toxic, latex free, DEHP free ( no dangerous plasticizers). 

There is a knock-off that is manufactured in China of questionable materials. It has the same label and is in the same box. Soothsoft Innovations that manufacture the  Chillow® products has a lawsuit against them.    How can you protect yourself?  Buy only from an Authorized Wholesaler such as Cool Wicking PJs.  If the price is too good to be true, it is probably a knock-off.