1. Supply Chain Operator

      Xiamen C&D Inc. Stock code: 600153.SH

      Supply Chain Operator

      Stock code: 600153.SH

      The Latest Honor

      • 2023 ranked 11st

        Fortune China 500 Listed Companies

        Fortune Chinese Edition
      • 2020 ranked 23rd

        China's top 500 Foreign Trade Companies

        China Association for Foreign Economic and Trade Statistics
      • 2022 ranked 667th

        Forbes Global Top 2000 Enterprises

        Forbes Magazine
      • 2021 ranked 73rd

        China Business Top 100

        Warton Economic Institute
      • 2018-2022

        Constituent Stock of MSCI Index System

      • 2019-2022

        Constituent Stock of FTSE Global Equity Index Series

      • 2019-2022

        Constituent Stock of S&P Emerging BMI

        Standard & Poor's
      • 2022

        Constituent Stock of CSI Smallcap 500 Index

        Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange
      • 2005-2022

        Constituent Stock of CSI Dividend Index

        Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange
      • 2008-2022

        Sample Stock of SSE Corporate Governance Index

        Shanghai Stock Exchange
      • 2021

        National Model Enterprise for Supply Chain Innovation and Application

        Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China
      • 2018 ranked 98th

        The Bund-China’s Top 100 brands on Innovation Value

        School of Management, Fudan University,Shanghai enterprise culture and Brand Research Institute

      2010 to 2015

      • 2010-2015

        Constituent Stock of SSE 100 Index

        Shanghai Stock Exchange
      • 2010

        China's Top 100 Most Competitive Listed Companies

        China's Listed Company Development Center, Southern Entrepreneur Magazine Agency
      • 2010

        China's Top 100 Listed Companies with Highest Investment Value

        China's Listed Company Development Center
      • 2010 ranked 83th

        Golden Bull Top 100 Companies

        China Stock Newspaper
      • 1999-2012

        China's Top 500 Enterprises with the Largest Import-Export Volume

      • 2012 ranked 1st

        Fujian Province's Top 100 Enterprises

        The Enterprises Evaluation Association of Fujian Province
      • 2000-2010

        Fujian Province's Top 300 Enterprises in Tertiary Industry

        The Fujian Province Enterprise Economics Evaluation Association
      • 2011

        Fujian Province's Top 100 Commercial Tax Contributors

        Fujian Provincial Office, SAT, Fujian Local Taxation Bureau
      • 1999-2010

        Organizations of Fujian Province with Excellent Credit Standing and Reputaion for Honoring Contracts

        Fujian Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce
      • 2015 ranked 1st

        Xiamen's Top 100 Enterprises

        Xiamen Enterprises and Entrepreneurs Association
      • 1999-2014

        Xiamen AAA Credit-standing enterprise

        Xiamen Finance Consulting and Credit Rating

      Before 2010

      • 2002-2006

        China's Top 500 Enterprises

        China Enterprise Association
      • 2002-2009

        China's Top 100 Companies

      • 2006 ranked 43th

        China's Top 100 Listed Companies

        Shanghai Stock Newspaper
      • 2005 ranked 46th

        China's Top 100 Enterprises Listed by Standard and Poors

        Standard & Poor's
      • 2001 ranked 47th

        Top 50 Listed Enterprises on the Shanghai Stock Market

        Shanghai Stock Exchange
      • 1999-2009

        China's Quality-driven and Profit-oriented Advanced Enterprises of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade

        China Shippers Association
      • 2006

        National Organizations with Excellent Credit Standing and Reputation for Honoring Contracts

      • 2005

        China's Enterprise Information Top 500

        China Informationization Assessment Center
      • 2007

        Fujian Province's Top 300 Commercial Tax Payers of Local Taxation Bureau

        The Enterprises Evaluation Association of Fujian Province