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F. A. Q.
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1. What is “wicking material?”

Moisture wicking  material has four times the filaments of regular yarn.
The result is an extremely strong durable, synthetic yarn that is exceptionally soft and silky.

Moisture wicking microfiber has hydrophobic  (moisture hating) properties, while cotton has hydrophilic (moisture loving) qualities.
  Therefore moisture wicking material gets rid of moisture quickly, while cotton holds onto it.

To have true moisture management you have to have an optimum balance of two properties: wicking and fast drying.
Wicking properties are spun into the yarn which draw moisture away from the skin and then quickly force the moisture
to the surface of the fabric where it evaporates four times faster than cotton. 

 The purpose of sweat is to allow the heat to escape and to cool the body’s core temperature.  Moisture wicking microfiber quickly absorbs this heat and moisture, carrying both, and releasing them at an extremely fast rate into the air.
  The result is lower skin temperatures, added comfort and a great night’s sleep.
Cool Wicking PJs sleepwear has a soft natural feel and the performance never washes out.

2. How do Cool Wicking PJs differ from soy or bamboo products?

Bamboo and soy love to absorb moisture, but they don't have the drying properties that synthetic moisture wicking microfiber has, which dries much, much faster. 

3. Why are Cool Wicking PJs special?

This is performance sleepwear!  It thermo regulates, meaning it’ll help you feel cool when you are hot, and warm when it’s cool. 

Our designs are styles women love to wear because they’re so soft, comfortable, an stylish. They make you feel attractive at a time in your life when you may not feel at your best.

4. Who needs Cool Wicking PJs?

All of our products are designed for men and women experiencing hot flashes or night sweats.  These are caused by perimenopause, menopause, pregnancy, cancer treatments, detox, diabetes, leukemia, lyme disease, thyroid  disorders, obesity, stress and medications for depression.  In short, anything that causes even a slight hormonal imbalance may cause hot flashes and night sweats.

5. How do I care for my  Cool Wicking PJs?

Machine wash on delicate cycle, cool setting.  Machine dry on extra low, or line dry.  They dry real fast, so there is no need to dry them in the dryer.

DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTNER OR DRYER SHEETS!!  Fabric softners are basically wax and make the fabric feel soft.  They coat the fabric, which prevents wicking of absorption of moisture.  Using dryer sheets on a regular basis will coat the dryer drum with wax.  It will coat future loads with wax, even when you have not used a dryer sheet for those loads.  It is recommended to wipe down the inside of your dryer with a little alcohol once in a while to keep the dryer sheet residue to a minimum.

6. What if I forget and use a dryer sheet or fabric softner with my Cool Wicking PJs?

Wash again without any softner.  Within one or two washings the softner will wash out.  To test for wicking capabilities:  Once dry, drop a small drop of water on them to see it it absorbs right away.  If not, wash again.

7. What can I use on my wicking sheets. They are starting to look a little dingy?

You may use (non-Chlorine) bleach to wash the sheets. A Chlorox II type (Hydrogen Peroxide) bleach can be used on the sheets without losing the performance of the sheets. 

8. How do you ship?

 All orders are UPS ground or USPS priority mail unless specified otherwise.

 9. How long does it take to receive my order?

We process most orders within 24-48 hours of receipt, (excluding weekends and holidays). The exceptions are:  Nidraa sheets will usually take 7 days to ship. Performance Sleepwear also will usually take 7 days to ship. Except for these two brands, usually you’ll receive your order within 5-7 business days.