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Goodnighties Ionx Fabric and Negative Ions F A Q
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What are negative ions?

Ions are positively or negatively charged atoms or molecules that are formed when enough energy acts on a molecule such as water to eject an electron.

A molecule which loses an electron is positively charged and a molecule which attracts an electron is negatively charged.
The healthful negative ion (anion) gains an electron in the valency orbit

What are some of the benefits of negative ions?

The negative ions contribute to the feeling of well being. They reduce the number of active harmful bacteria in the air; the severity of illness; in general they have a stimulating effect also on plant growth like rainwater, which has an abundant source of negative ions.

For instance, a shower will re-ionise and has a tonic effect on the body, just like rainwater which clears the air.

Therefore a water-fall, showers and the breaking surf of sea spray have a  stimulating effect on the body and mind.

“Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased
drowsiness and more mental energy,” says Pierce J. Howard, PhD

Negative ions have been shown to reduce swelling by reducing intercellular activity, increase
blood as well as lymphatic circulation, relieve pain and restore joint mobility, restore the pH
balance by promoting an alkaline reaction in the cells, improve the quality of sleep by giving you a more restful night’s sleep.

What are positive ions?

The harmful positive ion (kation) is a particle that loses an electron.

Changes in the ratio of positively to negatively charged molecules can have a remarkable effect on people, plants and animals.

Positive charged ions  are the by-products of combustion, chemical fumes from synthetic building materials, carpeting and paints, air pollution from automobile exhausts,  factory smoke, TV screens and computers.

Exposure to these hazardous ions can have a severe effect on the cardiovascular system, sleeplessness, respiratory problems, headaches, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, depression and irritability.

Goodnighties Sleepwear is the only sleepwear on the market to incorporate negative ions into the fabric to try to help with these symptoms. Some say they have found some relief from fibromyalgia, arthritis, leg cramps, and just a better feeling wearing this unique sleepwear that also wicks moisture. Here are some questions and answers that you might have.

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Goodnighties Sleepwear FAQ

Who benefits from wearing Goodnighties recovery sleepwear?

Do you sit in front of a computer a lot, and watch TV at night?

Everyone is exposed to an overload of positive ions, so Goodnighties will help  everyone have a deeper, more restorative sleep. 

They are especially beneficial for fibromyalgia relief, migraine help, help for chronic fatigue, and the menopause symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats.

Goodnighties sleepwear is a natural remedy for arthritis.

Some customers with restless leg syndrome and cancer survivors are claiming this fabric is a dream come true.

The benefits are all positive without any harmful side effects.

How long do the negative ions last in the fabric?

The IonX® treatment will last the life of the fabric.

Will it wash out?

No, it will not wash out. It is embedded in the fabric.

The treatment has become a permanent part of the fabric and testing shows that even after 50 washes, the efficacy of the treatment remains above 83%.

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