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GoodnightiesTherapeutic Sleepwear with Patented IonX Fabric
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 Goodnighties  Sleepwear - Negative Ion Clothing

 Seen on Dr Oz TV Show
Pajamas come as separates only. Order each piece separately.

There is a new negative ion clothing fabric on the market that incorporates moisture wicking properties with calming negative ions. 

Goodnighties Sleepwear is the first and only sleepwear made with this patented ionization technology called ‘IonX’. 

It is designed to help women rest, recover and restore tired achy muscles.

It is proven to reduce muscle stiffness and pain to help you sleep better!

In fact, wearing Goodnighties with IonX fabric close to the body has been proven to increase blood flow thus reducing inflammation, improving muscle function, speeding recovery, and reducing muscle aches and pains.

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"I have just got to tell you that the pjs. are the best thing I have ever slept in.  I just couldn't believe that there was something better then cotton but now I know.  You have made a believer out of me.  I am waiting for the next two pair to arrive.  These Goodnighties are like sleeping nude, that's about all I can say.  I am 73 years old, and these are the most comfortable things I've ever found to sleep in. I told my Sister I feel like a Queen might feel if she had the best thing money could buy on when she went to bed. Thanks to Dr. Oz"s show for telling me about the pjs."      A Slape, Loganville, Ga. 

A Little About Negative Ions

Negative ions are molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments.

Think mountains, waterfalls, and beaches.

Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin,

helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy." fromWebMD Feature, May 6, 2002, p 1

 Negatively charged ions have a major effect on sleep. Their ability to increase blood and oxygen flow to the brain can have a profound effect on sleep patterns.

A study of negative ions showed that they helped people sleep better by regulating the production of chemicals in the brain.

Why We Need to Replenish Negative Ions

Heavy doses of positive ions cause headaches, lethargy, sleeplessness, dizziness, anxiety, depression, and nausea.

Air is depleted of negative ions by computer moniters, TV's, even flourescent lighting!

Car exhaust, air conditioning, synthetic materials, steel and concrete buildings all absorb the positive ions and release them into the air. 

So in a normal interior environment a negative ion count may be under 100 per cubic centimeter,

we really need a minimum of 1000 per cubic centimeter. Tessa Adams, Hub pages

How to Get or Aborb Negative Ions

  • The Seashore-- There is approximately 2000 negative ions to 1000 positive ions.

(That has been reported to be a good mix that we as people respond to the best.) By Tessa Adams, Hub pages

  • Waterfalls, a long shower ( the steam releases negative ions)
  • Indoor plants
  • Indoor water fountain
  • Negative ion generator
  • Good nighties--The IonX fabric used in Goodnighties has more than 20 times the level of negative ions found anywhere in nature.
Unique IonX fabric-Featured on Dr Oz TV Show

Negative ions in the fabric pass through the skin, neutralize the positive ions and transform them into a storage bank of usable energy.

The secret within IonX treated fabric works with the body’s electrical field causing capillaries to dilate and help the wearer to enter and stay in REM sleep at a deeper level.  

This process then increases oxygen-rich blood to the muscles to activate body chemicals that improve muscle function and help to block pain.

IonX fabrics in negative ion clothing have been used for several years, by professional and Olympic athletes, the military and NASA because of its healing, pain relieving and performance enhancing properties.

Ionized blankets and wraps are even used on racehorses to experience these  benefits.

This is very important news for anyone suffering with chronic disease.  Goodnighties recovery sleepwear could give help for fibromyalgia, help for chronic fatigue, migraine help,and a natural remedy for arthritis.

The special fabric in Goodnighties is feather-light, soft and perfect for ultra-sensitive skin.  Many claim it’s like not wearing anything at all!

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