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Mens Sweat Wicking Shirts
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These sweat wicking shirts cool everyone, not just those with male night sweats.

Mens moisture wicking t-shirts are the answer to profuse sweating and feeling miserable!  These innovative t-shirts are created with moisture wicking microfiber that draws moisture from the skin, to the surface of the t-shirt, where it evaporates four times faster than ordinary cotton.
Just think how great it would be to wear these under athletic clothes!  For the carpenter pounding nails? 
What about the farmer in the broiling sun?  The policeman wearing a heavy bulletproof vest? 
These moisture wicking t-shirts are also a lifesaver to the executive sweating at a board meeting. 
When the stockmarket falls, you won't see big sweat stains!
Night sweats in men, nightmares?  Wear these moisture wicking t-shirts for sweating at night. Enjoy the best night's sleep you've had!