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Beneficial Effects of IonX Fabric for  Night Sweats Relief
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 Negative Ion Benefits of IonX® Treated Clothing for Night Sweats

Clothing, and particularly Goodnighties sleepwear, treated with the IonX® (negatively charged ions) finish, bring relief to women who suffer from the effects of night sweats and hot flashes. One property of this finish is the ability to wick moisture away from the body. It does this through the capillary action of the treated fibers. A woman wearing treated moisture wicking sleepwear will feel more comfortable because the “clammy” feeling will be removed.  This happens when perspiration is trapped against the skin. This will result in a better sleep state and the individual will awaken feeling fresher and more relaxed.

Busy Lives….

At the pace of today’s society, most people make every effort just to keep on moving, despite illness or ill feelings. The source of much of this illness is positive charged ions which are the by-products computer monitors, TV's,  chemical fumes from synthetic building materials, carpeting and paints, air pollution from automobile exhausts and factory smoke. Exposure to these hazardous ions can have a severe effect on the cardiovascular system, sleeplessness, respiratory problems, headaches, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, depression and irritability.

Negative ions when blended in IonX fabric, have been shown to reduce swelling by increasing blood flow and oxygen to relieve pain and restore joint mobility.  This process also restores the pH balance by promoting an alkaline reaction in the cells, giving you a more restful night’s sleep. All of these benefits can be achieved by the interaction of negative ions to help give you good restorative sleep.
by Dr. Alfred B. Ouimet, MS, PhD   Copyright 2011 Goodnighties Store.

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"Thank goodness for dear friends! I have been a poor sleeper for many years since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Along with pain, insomnia, night sweats and migraine headaches, I would awake in the morning feeling like I had been to a slumber party!....I never ever felt fully rested.
Well, my good friend gave me a pair of jammies to test and I thought, why not?..have nothing to lose. To my great surprise I slept all the way through the very first night I wore them!! Needless to say I was thrilled to feel rested and thought this just might work!! I was so hoping this wasn't the placebo effect that I did my own experiment. I tried a regular nightgown that I had and went to bed. It was a bad night of sleep and that was 9 months ago! I only sleep in Goodnighties now. In fact I have many sets so when I travel I won't run out. (even though they wash really well!)
This is the real thing...negative ions ... whatever... it works for me."   by Cindy G Oct 23, 2010