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Menopause Nightgowns - Romantic Long Sleeve, Long Nightgown (Turquoise, Large)
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Menopause Nightgowns - Romantic Long Sleeve, Long Nightgown (Turquoise, Large)
This gown is in Turquoise colorMenopause or maternity nightgown is timeless heirloom quality.Attention to detail with elegant squared neckline, lined bodiceClassic piping around the gathers, flounced hemline and cuffs.
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Menopause Nightgowns - Romantic Long Sleeve, Long Nightgown (Turquoise, Large)

Made in the USA!

This elegant, simple nightgown is the solution to sleepless nights.
Crafted in luxurious, moisture-wicking fabric for quick-drying comfort, the classic nightgown has a slightly squared neck with lining in the bodice.
Soft, romantic details add a touch of the unexpected with soft gathers in front and back for a romantic, draping flow.
The design is timeless, heirloom quality with flounced hemline falling to just above the ankle.
The nightgown is decidedly feminine with white on white classic piping around the gathers, hemline, and cuffs.
Perfect as a wicking maternity nightgown, which is very hard to find! Wear it the whole 9 months and escape waking up drenched.
This is definitely not your grandmother's nightgown!

This sleepwear is fabricated as orders arrive and may take up to 10 days before you receive it.

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Fiber Content 100% Synthetic Wicking Microfiber
Weight 10 ounces
Sizes Available XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL
Washing Instructions Do not use fabric softner of dryer sheets. Machine wash, cool. Line dry. (Dryer sheets or fabric softner will inhibit the wicking properties.)
Features Benefits
Wicking fabric Has the ability to pull perspiration and other moisture away from the skin.
Treatment of fabric allows soil release. Providing easy cleaning of the fabric and extra protection for odor control.
Open knit construction of the garment. Allows air to pass more easily thru the fabric, allowing moisture to evaporate more freely.
Fabric keeps you from waking up freezing cold after a hot flash is over. You will love it's comfort and a good night's sleep!