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Men's Set - Wicking Pajamas - V-Neck Top, Boxer Shorts
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Men's Set - Wicking Pajamas - V-Neck Top, Boxer Shorts
Wicking t shirt, wicking boxer shorts set in navy.Jams wicking t-shirt and wicking boxer shorts in steel.
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Men's Set - Wicking Pajamas - V-Neck Top, Boxer Shorts

Cool Jams Wicking Pajamas for Men

Our moisture wicking mens pajamas are great sleep innovations for male night sweats during sleep.

The synthetic wicking microfibers not only draws moisture away for the skin, but forces it to the surface of the garment where it quickly evaporates.

The microfiber thermoregulates, meaning it keeps you cool when you're warm and warm when you're cool.

The fabric feels like very soft cotton with a wicking ability that never washes out because it is scientifically woven into the microfiber itself.

Male night sweats are caused for various reasons like diabetes, leukemia, male menopause symptom, stress,dreams/nightmares or simply genetics. Whatever the reason for night sleep sweating in men, these pajamas will keep you dry and comfortable.

The pajamas feature a short sleeve v-neck top and elastic waist boxer shorts, making them versatile enough to wear under clothes during the day.

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Fiber Content 100% Synthetic Wicking Microfiber
Weight 1 pound
Sizes Available Medium, Large, XLarge, and XXLarge
Washing Instructions Machine wash cold , tumble dry low, or line dry. Do not use fabric softners or dryer sheets. Dryer sheets will inhibit wicking properties.
Features Benefits
Wicks away moisture four timesfaster than cotton. These cooling pajamas are incredibly effective in dealing with temperature regulation issues.
Odor and bacteria resistant for heavy sweating in males. Special antibacterial treatment keeps the pajamas fresh and odor free.
Wicking ability is scienfically woven into the fabric. Won't wash out even with repeated washings.
Feels silky soft. These are the most comfortable pajamas you will ever wear.