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Cool-jams Wicking Pajama Shorts for Men
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Cool-jams Wicking Pajama Shorts for Men
Cool-jams Men's Pajama Shorts in BlackCool-jams Men's Pajama Shorts in Navy
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Cool-jams Wicking Pajama Shorts for Men

Cool-jams Men's Pajama Shorts

Moisture wicking men's pajama shorts for maximum comfort at night.  Doesn't trap heat and moisture against your skin, but wicks away sweat so it can evaporate into the air so you stay dry, cool and comfortable all night long.  
This fabric is lightweight, wrinkle resistant and perfect for both home and travel. Can be matched with either long or short sleeve wicking shirts.  This fabric is manufactured with the Bact-Out anti-microbial process that makes it free of bacteria and odor and has been shown by lab tests to remain 99.9% effective even after 50 washings.
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Fiber Content 100% Synthetic Wicking Microfiber
Weight 6 ounces
Sizes Available Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large
Washing Instructions Machine wash, cool. Line dry. DO NOT USE fabric softner,dryer sheets or bleach! This will impair the wicking ability by clogging up the natural air spaces in the fabric. If these products are used accidentally, simply rewash.
Features Benefits
Kottinu fabric technology Silky and soft cotton-like feel.
Dries four times faster than cotton. Designed to allow maximum air flow thru the garment. Perfect for traveling. Wash it in the hotel. Dries in no time.
Fabric inner layer pulls moisture away from the skin. Outer layer allows for evaporation. Prevents heat buildup from sweating and soaking the garment.
BACT-OUT - 100% natural antimicrobial technology. Does not wash out. Your garment will stay fresh and odor free.