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SnugFleece Wool Mattress Pad

Satisfacton guaranteed or your money back.

SnugFleece Wool Mattress Pad - Improve your sleep

With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing high quality wool fleece mattress pads, SnugFleece is the premier provider of these amazing products.  Their deep pile, 100% American virgin wool mattress pad provides supreme relaxation and comfort.  These naturally crimped fibers are springy to the touch and have a built-in resilience that resists body impressions.  

   See Frequently Asked Questions below.

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SnugFleece Original Wool Mattress PadSnugFleece Original Wool Mattress PadThe Snug Fleece Original mattress pad is simply the most superior virgin wool mattress topper available.
Pile height: 1.75"  Wool Density: 86 ounces per linear yd.
SnugFleece-II Wool Mattress PadSnugFleece-II Wool Mattress PadManufactured with the same high standards as the Original at a more economical price.
Pile height: 1.75"  Wool Density: 60 ounces per linear yd.

Washable SnugFleece Elite Wool Mattress PadWashable SnugFleece Elite Wool Mattress PadThe SnugSoft Elite mattress pad is the thickest washable wool mattress topper on the market!
Pile height: 1.5"  Wool Density: 65 ounces per linear yd.

Washable SnugFleece Imperial Wool Mattress PadWashable SnugFleece Imperial Wool Mattress PadThe SnugSoft Imperial mattress pad is washable, comfortable and economical!
Pile height: 1.25"  Wool Density: 55 ounces per linear yd.

Washable SnugFleece SnugSoft Deluxe - Wool Pillow ShamWashable SnugFleece SnugSoft Deluxe - Wool Pillow ShamThe SnugSoft Deluxe Pillow Sham adds a plush layer of comfort to any pillow.  Machine Wash and Dry, Made in USA, pile height: 1".
Washable SnugFleece SnugSoft Imperial - Wool Pillow ShamWashable SnugFleece SnugSoft Imperial - Wool Pillow ShamThe SnugSoft Imperial Pillow Sham adds a plush layer of comfort to any pillow.  Machine Wash and Dry, Made in USA, pile height: 1¼".

SnugFleece Models
Model Pile
Wool per
Linear Yd
Original 1.75" 86 oz. 100% cotton fabric attached to  wool
with thermal lamination glue.
Dry Clean or
SnugFleece-II 1.75" 60 oz. 100% cotton fabric attached to  wool
with thermal lamination glue.
Dry Clean or
Elite 1.50" 65 oz. Durable polyester with wool knitted in
to allow for machine washing.
Machine wash
and dry
Imperial 1.50" 55 oz. Durable polyester with wool knitted in
to allow for machine washing.
Machine wash
and dry



Superior American Wool:

SnugFleece uses 100% American virgin wool and the products are produced in the USA.   In addition to the 100% natural wool fiber, a pure, 232-thread count cotton is used for the backing on the Original and SnugFleece II.
American wool has a much higher degree of crimp for a given diameter of fiber than its foreign competitors.  Therefore, American wool has a superior springiness.  The natural loft of American wool will add to the life of your Snug Fleece wool mattress pad.

Superior Natural Comfort:   

A SnugFleece wool mattress pad is designed for the total comfort that you simply cannot get from synthetics.  The cushioning support of wool fibers cradle your every move distributing your body weight evenly.
Pressure on hips, shoulders and heels is relieved resulting in uninterrupted, quality sleep.  Wool fleece mattress pads relieve pressure points on the body making them THE mattress topper fibromyalgia sufferers prefer.

wool mattress pads,  snug fleece, wool mattress toppers
Wool acts as both a natural thermostat and insulator. It handles temperature and moisture in a very efficient manner. The highly crimped fibers with a porous outer surface allows moisture to enter and be wicked away from your skin.  Wool fleece can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture and still feel dry.  
The crimping and row alignment of the fibers also provide ample space for air to circulate thru the fleece and maintain an even temperature.  It adjusts throughout the night to accommodate body temperature keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  It is especially great for those with night sweat issues due to menopause or illness.  
Sheets remain cool and dry providing a crisp, comfortable sleeping surface. A consistent body temperature keeps you from tossing and turning resulting in deeper more restful sleep. 
That's why people look forward to going to bed when they sleep on a SnugFleece wool mattress pad.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the dry cleanable and washable mattress pads?
The dry cleanable models (SnugFleece Original and SnugII) are different from the the SnugSoft washable models (Elite, Imperial, and Deluxe) in the way in which the wool is applied to the backing. 
In the dry cleanable (Original and SnugFleece-II), the wool is applied to a cotton backing with a thermal lamination (glue).
In the washable (Elite, Imperial, and Deluxe), the wool is silver knitted into a polyester backing, so it withstands the rigors of washing and drying.  Use cool on both.  NO heat.
What are the advantages of each?
The SnugFleece line (Original and SnugFleece-II) was the first in production and the only company in the world to attach the wool to a cotton backing.  This allows it to breathe better.  Also the Original with 86 oz of wool per linear yard is the most plush.
The SnugSoft line (Elite, Imperial, and Deluxe) was produced because customers asked for a washable version for infants, elderly, sickly and  massage tables where frequent washing is needed. 
Which should we choose?
The wool has a coating around each individual strand which is coated with a natural lanolin substance.  This substance is repellent to dust mites and allergies, naturally stain resistant, odor resistant, and fire resistant.  Wool is a low static material that repels dust. Stubborn stains are easily removed with foam wool upholstery cleaner.
For all these reasons, the Original is the most desirable, since it is the thickest and would seldom ever even need to be dry cleaned.
Which styles are the most popular?
Data has shown the Original (Dry Clean) and Elite (Washable)  are the most popular because they are the thickest in their category.  
Will  wool fleece mattress pads work on a Tempurpedic mattress?
Yes.  A wool mattress pad is the perfect addition to a memory foam mattress or topper, because they sleep hot.  The wool is a natural thermostat, adjusting throughout the night to changes in temperature and moisture.


"I put the SnugFleece on the bed that night, and I just have to tell you how much I like it.

 It makes the bed warmer (I have a Tempur-pedic which can be a little cold when you first get in.)  It also makes the bed cooler(after sleeping for awhile, that Tempur-pedic can get too hot.) 
I don't think the tempur material breathes very much,and although I love the way it supports my body, 
I was not too happy with the hot/cold situation.

I was always pretty much one way or the other.  My SnugFleece mattress cover has COMPLETELY solved that problem.  Completely."

Diana T in Matoaca, VA

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