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Here are some customer reviews of our effective moisture wicking products and our  helpful service.

If you would like to leave a review or comment, we would love to hear from you.

What do you like the most about the Outlast comforter? "The light weight." 
 What are the main benefits of this product to you?  "It gives us some cooling relief and yet maintains the warmth of a bed covering."
 Donna, Rock Hill, SC
"I want to thank you for your great Customer Service.  You answered specific questions and gave me helpful information that helped me decide on a product.  Unfortunately, the product ended up not working for us.  I had to get information on the return, and again, the Customer Service was fantastic.  You guys have been an absolute pleasure to work with!"
William F from  Longmont, CO
"I like the concept.  Sleepwear should be comfortable and using the moisture-wicking fabric is clever.  Plus, the styles are very attractive so overall the product line is well designed.
I was investigating moisture wicking sleepwear as a favor for my boss' wife.  The  product information on the website answered my questions adequately.
Handling an exchange and an eventual refund was simple and I appreciated very much that the refund could be handled even after the 30 days had elapsed. 
Overall I've had a positive experience with this company and would come back or refer friends."
   Katri R, New York City
 "My wicking pajamas are very comfortable.  Worked better than I could have imagined. Comfortable, keeps me dry, washes well, nice looking. I will be buying another pair soon!"
Jodi W, Blue Point, NY
"First I love the PJ's I ordered (Goodnighties)! They feel wonderful against my skin, they are light and airy (great when you're getting warm), yet enough to keep me from being chilled. Also wanted to give a shout out to the owners of Cool Wicking PJs, I need the PJ in a hurry (leaving on a trip). I received a call from customer service to indicate the PJ were out of stock, however when I explained my situation, they worked overtime to get the PJ's and get them to me before I left on my trip! Amazing. I am glad I had them for my trip. Great PJ's and great customer service."
Pam H from Naperville, IL
"Just received THIRD order of SnugFleece Elite, loved the first two so much. I work as a caregiver for 96year old dementia patient and he would often have restless nights. The SnugFleece had greatly improved the quality of his sleep. My sister also works as a cargiver for a 16 year old with severe physical disabilities and his sleeping pattern has also improved. A good nights rest makes the next day far more pleasurable and productive for the people we love and care for.
Thank you"
Catherine K from Falmouth, MA
"I received my pajamas within days of ordering and I absolutely LOVE them! I hadn't had a decent nights sleep in months due to night sweats and now, I will wake up but, am able to get back to sleep, since my pajamas are not drenched. I am ordering the sheet set next! Best money I have spent. These are awesome!"
Vicki D in Kansas, Ohio
"I've been dealing with hot flashes since October and most recently "night sweats". The night sweats are terrible, wake up during the night, soaking wet...finally am able to get back to sleep but awaken feeling like my head is damp. I was perusing the internet in search of "something that might help" and found your website. I was amazed at how much better I am able to sleep just by using the pillow cases. I still have night sweats but I am able to return to sleep and wake up without the "wet head" feeling. 
Michelle L. from Bridgeville, DE
"I love my pajamas. Has absolutely helped with night sweats. And equally important, the customer service at Cool Wicking PJs is outstanding.
Very professional, prompt, courteous, helpful and responsive.
Thank you for all that you do and for selling such an excellent product."
Jean M from West Hartford, CT

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Rita, from Hendersonville,NC

"I have chronic pain in my back neck and shoulders.
Due to complications of medical therapy, I have suffered from almost constant hot flashes for over 18 months.
When I found the Chilipad, I was almost desperate for relief from my constant sweating and with the help of this product
I can now tailor my environment to more suit my needs.

The staff has also been really helpful in answering any of my questions on how to setup and use their product."
-M. Turner

“Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with my order.  It arrived quickly and I absolutely love the nightgowns.
They live up to their name.  I have been so much cooler since they arrived (temperature wise anyway!) 
I used to wake up sweaty but now I wake up cool as a cucumber. 
Thank you for your wonderful product.
I will continue to order from you when I wear my current ones out.”
Diane, in Durham, New Hampshire

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"The pajamas arrived shortly after you sent them, and I LOVE them!  They feel so wonderful and fit perfectly.  I already feel a difference when I sleep, and I may have to order a second pair sometime soon.
Thank you again for your personal attention via phone and email to assure that I was able to find a product that would work for me.  I am a very satisfied customer, and I will be sure to tell my friends about your website.
Thank you again."
A. Smith from Madison, TN


"The wool mattress cover is so wonderful we never want to get out of bed.  We can hardly wait to lie down on it at night - unbelievable!"
Sally from Stuart, FL
"The website was clear and helpful, and the purchasing setup was professional and easy to use.
 Plus, the prices were better than the competition, and the product was exactly what I was looking for.
It was a gift, actually, but mum claims to love the fit and comfort of the fabric.
When I had a question, I was able to reply to the email and get a quick answer. That was amazingly helpful."
Michelle in Winthrop, Massachusetts
"I recently purchased a sheet set for my mother hoping she would get some relief from her night sweats.
The product is fabulous, however, my mother being set in her ways would not try the sheets.
I called your toll free number and spoke with Laura.  I explained the situation and asked what the return policy was.
Laura said to send the sheet set to the address that was on the shipping slip and I would get a full refund.
I purchased the sheet set using PAYPAL. It has been less than a week since returning the sheets and I've already received my full refund.
Your customer service is the absolute best.
Thank you for a great product and service."
Sincerely, Tammie in Swanzey, New Hampshire  



"Thank you for a wonderful product with prompt and friendly service.  As soon as I got my new pj's, I tried them on, washed them and was able to wear them that night.  The fit and quality are great.  I've had night sweats for almost 10 years and recently it's gotten worse.  I spend so much time changing throughout the night that I never get any sleep.  I've worn these cool wicking pj's for the past two nights since I got them and they really do wick away the moisture.  I look forward to ordering some more.  Oh, I got the pillow case too, love that also."
Jeanne in Drexel Hill, PA



"As a t-4 paraplegic I have depended on SnugFleece since 1985 to give me a restful night without worrying about skin breakdown problems.
I can stay in the same position all night in comfort.  Outstanding product!"
Tom in Warrenton, VA

"I chose Cool Wicking PJs sleepwear because I was hoping they would help me to stay cool after having a night sweat.
 Quite frankly  I was skeptical that they would work. They worked like a charm!
The benefits of these are the fit, the quality of the fabric, and the fact they really work.
I was concerned a little about the price.  But after speaking with the customer service department, all my questions were answered,
and she even helped me pick a pair within my budget.  She did not let me go unsatisfied.
I recommend these p.j.'s to anyone looking for a cool way to sleep with great comfort."
 Doretta in St Charles, IL
"The  claims you make about the SnugFleece Original are very true.  We are now spoiled and wouldn't sleep without it!  We love it!"
Wanda B in Windsor, CA

"Your personal service was excellent when I ordered the wrong size and you notified me immediately with suggestions.  You were right!  Thank you!  Your products are wonderful and I've been very pleased with them as well as your wonderful service.  I appear to not have a night sweat problem anymore as I have had for several years.  I experienced a medical problem that has been corrected and which is a "possible" cause for the night sweats.  Although I probably will not need many more of your fine products, I expect that I will order some more especially when it gets a little cooler.  I thank you for your service and I guarantee that I will not stop purchasing your wares.  Yes - excellent service above and beyond the ordinary.  Don't change!
I have talked about your products and service to quite a few friends!"
Dorothy H from Haymarket, Virginia

"Your service was  good and not good.  I ordered one pair and received two pairs.  Before contacting you I wanted to see if the first one helped me and was comfortable.  I have just now washed it and would like to keep the second pair.  I have not received my credit card statement yet to see if I was billed for one or two.  If I have only been billed for one, please process a second pair, but with no additional shipping charge."
Susan R from Waxhaw, North Carolina

"Thank you for the call the other day. I was so impressed with your company’s customer service—really above and beyond!!!
I chose Cool Wicking PJs because i was experiencing night sweats due to peri menopause.
I like the wicking properties and the fact that I do not wake up sticky and sweaty.
The 3 biggest benefits of this product are comfort for sleeping, alleviates the feeling of sticky, sweaty skin due to night sweats, and they are stylish.
The product is delivered as it is described on the web site, and I sleep so much better year round sleeping in these night gowns.
My daughter also wears these night gowns because she finds them very comfortable to sleep in."

Sincerely,  Laurie D" from Tualatin, OR

"I love my "menopausal" pj's.  I now have five (5) different styles.
I sleep so well now, not waking up drenched with wet clothing.  My Cool Wicking pj's are the best!
By the way, when I ordered my first pair, I ordered two different sizes.
The larger size fit perfectly, so I treated my 34 year old daughter to the smaller pair, which she wears every night!
She's always hot and loves her new pj's so much, she washes them daily."

Take care,
Willette B from Youngsville, LA

"I have suffered from hot flashes and night sweats for years. I recently ordered a cool jam nightgown and I am very very happy with this purchase. It is lightweight and very flattering and really does help me sleep at night. I have tried several nightgowns that are designed to cool and wick and I like this one the best by far! I highly recommend trying cool jams!! I will purchase more. Thank you so much!"
Barb from Canada
"When we lived in Washington state a few years ago we ordered a queen size mattress pad from you that we loved so much we had to order one for the king bed in our new home in Arizona on which we close next week. Having that pad and new sheets will make it immediately feel like home.
Thank you!"
Shirley, Arizona

Customer Survey Response

What made you choose Cool Wicking PJ's?
    Your site was more centered on what I was looking for.
What do you like most about the product(s)?
    They work superbly , just as explained on the site.
Did you expect it to work as well as it did?
    NO, but now I would recommend it.
Did you have any objections/hesitations before you decided to buy the product?  If so, what were they?
    I was leery about all the products I researched. They sounded too good to be true.
What are the 3 biggest benefits of this product?
    They were cool at first and kept cool. I have night sweats but not with the
    mattress cover. They were very beneficial for my wife's "Hot Flashes".
If you were to recommend  Cool Wicking PJ's to a friend, how would you describe the way we provided service to you?
    The product works! I had to exchange a style of PJ's. As it was Christmas time
    Laura immediately sent the new set before I sent the original back and quickly refunded
    the difference. Smooth and friendly customer service.
Is there anything else you'd like to add?
    My wife couldn't be happier, they were extremely beneficial for her "Hot Flashes."
    The main reason I purchased the PJ's and mattress cover was for my wife, but I like
    the cover just as much as she does.  I'm glad I bought it.
Steven, Indian Trail, NC

Customer Survey Response

What made you choose Cool Wicking PJs?
     Products were carried in smaller sizes.  Most menopausal products are only larger sizes.
What do you like most about the product(s)?
     Moisture wicking & smaller sizes
Did you expect it to work as well as it did?
     No.  I was pleasantly surprised it worked as promised.
Did you have any objections/hesitations before you decided to buy the product?  
     Yes. The price was high but I needed to do something.  I am not menopausal, but have had night sweats every since I was young.  I am cold natured so I wrap up in my blankets & can't wake up.  I get hot & wake up a sweatball!
What are the 3 biggest benefits of this product?  
     Moisture wicking; smaller sizes; styles
If you were to recommend  Cool Wicking PJs to a friend, how would you describe the way we provided service to you?  
     Very good & individualized
Is there anything else you'd like to add?  
     I am glad I ordered these.  They work as promised.
Gina, San Angelo, TX