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Cool Wicking PJs products wick away night sweats
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Cool Wicking PJs is Your Menopause Sleepwear Solution

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Moisture Wicking Sleep Products And Mattress Covers

Menopause SleepwearCool Wicking PJs specializes in products intended to wick moisture away from your body, reducing the discomfort of night sweats caused by menopause, medications, diabetes, and more.  Our selection includes menopause sleepwear, wicking sheet sets, mattress covers and a personal cooling device called the Chillow.  We offer moisture wicking pajamas for both men and women so everyone can be comfortable while they sleep.

As you approach menopause, night sweats can sneak up on you completely altering your quality of sleep and, by extension, the way you approach your life during the day. If you have ever been awakened in the middle of the night soaked in sweat and surrounded by damp sheets, you know it can sometimes be impossible to get back to sleep without changing your pajamas and sometimes your bedding. This can wake up your spouse, not to mention make it impossible for you to get back to sleep. You can end up cranky and irritable during the day, and your capacity to enjoy life drops. Now is the time to take back your life starting with your ability to sleep comfortably through the night specialized menopause sleepwear. Cool Wicking PJs has what you need to stay cool and dry the whole night through.

Our Products and Benefits

·         Sleepwear: Our line of sleepwear includes menopause sleepwear -  moisture wicking nightgowns, wicking pajamas and wicking pajamas for men.  This specially designed sleepwear keeps you dry and cool, increasing comfort so you sleep.  This sleepwear also dries quickly.  Our sleepwear relieves the discomfort caused by night sweats and hot flashes by wicking moisture away from the skin quickly thus helping you to avoid having lay in a  soaked bed or wake up feeling cold and clammy.

·         Sheets: Our wicking sheets fit on right over your mattress covers and help to minimize the results of night sweats, no matter what the cause may be.  The sheets have an odor neutralizer embedded in the fabric as well to help you feel fresher when you wake up.  These sheets also dry four times faster than cotton.  Stay comfortable all night long, rather than sleeping on damp sheets all night.

·          Wool Mattress Pads: Our mattress covers are made of wool, which cradles painful pressure points and improves circulation, leading to a more comfortable night’s sleep. The mattress pads also absorb excess moisture, making them the ideal companion to our sleepwear or other moisture wicking pajamas.  These wool mattress pads help to provide uninterrupted, quality sleep which can be hard to achieve when you are dealing with night sweats or aches and pains.  The dry environment also discourages the growth of mold and mildew, so you can be sure that your bedding is safe and healthy.

·          Outlast Mattress Pad: The Outlast mattress pads or mattress covers are specially designed to respond to each person’s body temperature, and it balances that temperature out under the covers. Eliminating the need to drag your sheets and blankets on and off with these revolutionary mattress covers .  While you sleep, the Outlast mattress pad continuously absorbs excess body heat, stores it, and then releases it when necessary to help maintain a steady temperature while you sleep. 

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to internet shopping, you have seemingly endless choices on where to order any product you desire, so it is important to find a company you can trust to provide exactly what you need in an honest, satisfying manner.  Cool Wicking PJs has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can order with confidence knowing you will get exactly what you wanted.  We have a very low return rate because our customers are generally very happy with their purchases, from the condition in which their mattress covers arrive to the way their menopause sleepwear improves their sleep. 

Beyond the assurance of excellent customer service, you can also count on a quality product.  Two of our products have been featured on the Dr. Oz TV show because they have changed the lives of so many people by helping them to get a good night’s sleep - sometimes for the first time in years.  You can also be confident that your information will remain safe and private, because all of our transactions are secure.  We are an authorized merchant of authorize.net, a safe credit card processing company.

Who Are We?

Cool Wicking PJs was developed by my husband and me.  We have been happily married for forty years and we believe in the benefits of healthy living with a minimal use medications to relieve the symptoms of various conditions.  At the very core of natural health is eating a healthy diet, exercising and, of course a good night’s sleep.  The products we sell on our website are important to me because as someone who has dealt extensively with the symptoms of menopause for ten years after having had a hysterectomy, I wanted to not only relieve my own symptoms but help others do the same.  Many nights I would wake up three or more times during the night drenched and miserable and it was negatively affecting all aspects of life.

            Mattress CoversMy search for a remedy to this problem led me to menopause sleepwear , which drastically improved my ability to sleep.  It has since become my passion to share moisture wicking sleepwear, sheets, and mattress covers with other men and women who have been dealing with the same kind of problem for years without knowing that there is an easy and natural solution. We work directly with manufacturers to supply our customers with the latest developments in moisture wicking technology, so you can always be sure to find the highest quality mattress covers and products on our site. We only select products that we would purchase ourselves, so you can be confident that anything you buy is the best quality available.

Pricing For Our Menopause Sleepwear And Other Products

In order to provide you with high quality menopause sleepwear and other moisture wicking products at a reasonable price, we adhere to minimum advertised pricing.  This means that any sheets, pajamas, mattress covers , or personal cooling units we sell have been set at the lowest price allowed by the manufacturer.  We don’t believe in absurd markups.

Our shipping cost is always the same: free shipping for orders of $100 or more and $9.00 for anything below $100.  You can always count on our consistency.  We also offer discounts on our products to repeat customers, and we occasionally offer discount codes on coupon websites, so always be on the lookout for ways to save!

Mattress Covers, Menopause Sleepwear
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